Rules of competition 2018



Period of applications for 2018-competition:


July 15th to October 3rd, 2017!



Rules of competition
The Game Designers' Competition of Hippodice Spieleclub e. V. is orientated internationally. It is held yearly since 1989.

The competition includes game ideas of such sections as:


  • Games for children
  • Family games
  • Games for connoisseurs
  • Games for experts

The games can be set up as:


  • Classic board games
  • Strategy games
  • Card games
  • Dice games
  • Cooperative games
  • Skill games
  • Deduction- respectively Memorygames
  • 2 Person games
  • Others


Intentions of the Game Designers' competition

The Hippodice Spieleclub e. V. wants to initiate contact between designers, players and publishers and to give a platform especially to new and unknown designers to present their game designs. We want to make it easier for publishers and game companies to sort the numerous new designs and help designers with their approach to the publishers.

After numerous rounds of testing selected games will be recommended to renowned publishers. A adept jury of publishers' representatives will elect the winners.

In a summary report over the competition every title of the final round and the list of recommendations is be presented. This report is submitted to game publishing companies and selected representatives of print media.
Also, this report will be published on the website of the Hippodice Spieleclub e. V.

How to enter the competition

Only prototypes of newly developed games are admitted to enter the competition. These games may not be published until the results of the final round have been made public. Applications must be done in writing via e-mail by using this form only! The form is to be used for each game to be applied separately.

Out of all applications the most promising games will be selected during a preliminary round. Then, the prototypes of these selected games will be requested to be thoroughly test played during the main round. Finally, the winning games will be picked from the best games of the main round during the final round.
The period of applications for 2018-competition is from July, the 15th  to October, the 03rd, 2017!


The e-mail application must contain:

  • the completed and signed application-form (download)
  • a short description of the game which includes pictures, illustrations or drawings which are helpful to see some details and / or setup of the game
  • the rules of the game
  • the title of the game and the designer’s name must be noted on the game description and rules

Applications must either be written in English or German.
They must be submitted to:  Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!

A. Preliminary round

Out of all applications the prototypes for the participation in the main round are determined in a preliminary round and requested for the test phase. All designers whose titles are not in the main round will be informed by e-mail.
B. Major round

Deadline for receipt of the prototypes is November, the 17th, 2017, and latest date for prototypes from oversea is December, the 14th, 2017!
The delivery address for the prototypes and information about further proceedings will be given together with the request of the game.
All participants of the main round must pay an attendance fee of 10 € per game.
Furthermore, postage fees for an optional return shipments must be paid, depending on the home country of the designer. The exact amount will be specified when requesting the game.
We assume no liability for any games submitted unsolicited.
After the completion of the competition all designers of the main and final round will receive a detailed evaluation of their game by July at the latest. All copyrights of the game remain with the designer.

C. Final round

The games requested for the main round will be thoroughly tested and evaluated by members of the Hippodice Spieleclub e. V. By judging these evaluations the best games will be determined to enter the final round. Then, these finalists will be tested and evaluated by a competent jury of representatives of game publishers and print media. This jury will elect the winner and runners-up. The composition of this jury may change from year to year.
Disposition of prototypes

Any submitted prototypes remain with the organizers at least until the final round starts.
The game will be returned to the designer in the same condition as it was sent.
In case a game arouses interest of game publisher representatives, it will be handed over to them after the final round. All other prototypes will be shipped back to their owners.
Publication of results

In order to make the games known to publishers and to the general public, the organizers of the competition compile substantial publications. For this purpose only, the designers cede their rights concerning the publication of articles and pictures of the game submitted for the competition to the organizers. Any such articles will quote the designer’s name and address, where appropriate. The game and its rules may be passed on to representatives of publishers who are interested in it. All copyrights of the game remain with the designer.